PRINCO Office Hours

The Princeton University Investment Company (PRINCO) manages Princeton University’s $36 billion endowment. PRINCO has long had an interest in promoting diversity within the investing ecosystem. We believe that firms with diverse and inclusive teams make better decisions. This in turn leads to those firms being better positioned to deliver the best possible returns to Princeton, furthering the University’s mission to be a world-class research and higher education institution.

PRINCO Office Hours (formerly known as Mentor Moments) is a program through which PRINCO leadership endeavors to meet with roughly 30 individuals or firms from diverse backgrounds annually to provide advice and insights from their careers as asset allocators. Individuals and firms from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply—ideally, the selected cohort will reflect the demographics of the U.S. population at large. We hope that this program will give us the opportunity to be part of improving diversity within the investment management industry. By connecting in this way, we hope to learn more about our industry’s impediments to recruitment and retention of investors of underrepresented backgrounds, while offering individuals and firms selected to participate in this program the opportunity to gain career guidance and/or perspectives on the institutional investment industry.

Interested parties should apply using this link. Firms should be early in their development, while individuals can be at any stage in their career, ranging from current high school and college students to mid-career professionals. Sessions for selected participants are one-time, may be structured as either one-on-one or few-on-one meetings, and will be scheduled on a rolling basis (applications considered through March 31, 2023). To maximize convenience, sessions may be in-person, over the phone, or by videoconference.

Please note that this program is not intended for individuals or firms seeking Princeton’s investment into their funds. If interested in having your fund considered for investment, please send materials to [email protected] so that they may be reviewed as part of our standard investment review process.

Please email with any application-related questions or concerns, or if reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in this application process.

For those interested in more information on PRINCO's diversity efforts, please click here